“Death” 10.75×10.75 Gouache Brandi Malarkey, artist


As 2020 draws to a close, I am tempted to name my most recent two pieces “Death” and “Destruction”, respectively. While I doubt that would help them sell at all, it is, actually, what they are.

The holiday commissions are finally complete, and in attempting to clean up a bit so I could hit “reset” on my brain, I came across a leaf I had picked up ages ago and forgotten about:

I had stolen it from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum when I was there for a photography class, put it in my camera bag, and forgotten about it. Oops. Fortunately, I had also taken several images of it:

The work of hungry Japanese beetles certainly wrought destruction on the hollyhock leaf, but isn’t the result intriguing? Different and unique from any other leaf, and more compelling due to it’s imperfect state. Which is so often the case. The imperfections in a specimen are often what make a painting of them more than just another plant. Or so I assume since I spent a good deal of time photographing dying things this fall. Which contributed to this image of a dying Black-eyed Susan.

I had also come across a sheet of inclusion paper in my cleaning endeavors and a plan was made. I love how all the inclusions add to that feeling of fullness and business. Leaves falling past and sister flowers waving in the wind. So. May I present (the at least temporarily named) Death and Destruction?

“Death” 10.75×10.75 Gouache
500″Destruction” 10.25×13 Gouache

Quick note for those of you waiting to get your copy of the Fall edition of The Hopper Literary Magazine featuring my art. Apparently there was a snag at the printer, so they are expecting them to be available around December 22nd. So if you haven’t had a chance to get your copy, there is still time to order.

In the mean time, since I am fading with the year, I am taking a break to enjoy the holidays and indulge in other people’s art through books and movies. There are several larger projects, as well as some large changes, ahead. So, as always, no promises as to what you’ll get next or when. 😉

Happy holidays, everyone! And here is a pretty flower, just ’cause.

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  1. I love all your paintings! Of course, since you are my niece I certainly wouldn’t say otherwise! Just teasing, you know I love all your work!! I notice your “Hopper Magazine” will arrive in time to be your birthday gift to hubby.

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