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Going dark.

Well, m’dears, it’s February. The month where everyone seems to lose their minds, including me. I think it terribly unfair that humans don’t hibernate. Being asleep would be a reasonable explanation for the fact that I completely forget how to paint at this time every year.

I have finally quit fighting the facts and just accepted that that is the way February is, and use the time to focus on other things rather than creating art. This year I am taking it a step further. Now that the bulk of the construction has slowed to a crawl, I am taking an official sabbatical to recuperate that will likely extend until spring. I have a few large projects that are not painting related that I want to see if I can develop, so I will be taking the time to do it. Therefore I am not sure when you will hear from me next. You might get something next week, because I was suddenly taken by something, or you might not hear from me until June. Fortunately you are all already aware that I am not terribly regular so it won’t actually change things all that much in many respects.

Before I vanish, just a few things to share:

There was a Warehouse art show this past month which I managed to completely miss the deadline for. However, the results of my submissions came out in an interesting fashion, so I am sharing them here. The theme was “Grunge”. I admit I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, and Googling things didn’t clarify a ton, but I think I mostly got the idea.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Those of you who have been patiently waiting for your issue of The Hopper literary magazine should be receiving it soon. The pandemic had affected the printing/release date. However, my submitters copy came in the mail last week. Isn’t it exciting? So keep an eye on the mailbox. If you haven’t had a chance to order one, and would like to, I believe they are still available for purchase.

If you are in the Fargo area and want to see my work in person, I have recently updated my space at Gallery 4 in downtown Fargo. Doesn’t it look pretty? Of course, my jewelry and cards and other art are also available there.

I also have art up at Babb’s Coffee House with the rest of the G4 artists:

the new Sanford hospital:

And a solo showing at NDSU in the Department of Science and Math:

Also, I was very lucky to have my Cup of Resistance piece accepted into the North Dakota Human Rights Festival, which will be touring the state throughout spring. They graciously invited me to speak at the virtual art opening. While I am pretty sure I got off track and said things not as I intended to, as per usual, I think I mostly managed to talk like a normal human. I think. Or hope. Or am firmly determined to believe, since going into February obsessing about things I can’t change helps no one. 🙂

Naturally, with the pandemic, I am not encouraging you to go out if you don’t need to. However, if any of you happen to be at any of those locations anyway, you may as well enjoy some art while you are there. (Though shopping at Gallery 4 is on the safer side. Lots of space, masks required, only a person or two at a time, and lots of fun stuff.)

Also, my work space is finally up and running, and sorted out. We’ve also put in FIVE light panels, and it still feels like not nearly enough light. The husband thinks I am insane or going blind. I think he just doesn’t understand my artistic and winter needs.

Doesn’t it still look dark to you?

Or is it just February?


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