Meet Brandi

  • Has 25 years experience in project management, communications, and with nonprofits. Still not sure where that much time went.
  • Doesn’t like the taste of cheesecake, coffee, real maple syrup, or alcohol. Apparently, that’s weird.
  • Reading is a necessity, not a choice.
  • Love it when people talk about things that make their eyes light-up and sparkle.
  • Addicted to office supplies and containers.
  • Semi-compulsive organizer. Love setting things to rights! (Also, excuse for more office supplies and containers.)
  • Biggest fear: parking lots.
  • Total sucker for a good story.
  • Loves presents in any form: Thinking about them, wrapping them, creating them, gifting them. Hence, the Gifty Goddess.
  • Can’t grow a thing, so paints plants instead (Has killed mint. Twice.).

Brandi Malarkey

Multi-media storyteller, artist, and administrator.

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Interested in buying an original piece of art? My work is on display and available for purchase at  Gallery 4 located at 115 Roberts Street, Fargo, ND.

If you’d like to commission an original piece, please use the following form to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!