An autumn surprise.


We are back to cooler weather after a surprising week of warmth and sunshine and even a 70 degree day. In November. I don’t know how people can believe climate change isn’t real. I would like to claim my newest painting was a deliberate tribute to that last gasp of fall, but really it is the result of insanity and misplaced anxiety.

Upon having a clear work surface for the first time in *mumblemumble* it would be sensible and logical to get caught up on any of the various projects that had been abandoned amidst the dust and chaos, or charge boldly forward in getting the holiday projects underway (which should have been started a month ago). However, as we all know, common sense has little to do with any of the decisions I make even on a good day. So of course I didn’t do that.

Instead, I became utterly obsessed and wound up into a stress ball over a painting that isn’t due until June. Of next year.

June 2021 will see the “Monochrome” show at Gallery 4. What this means is that each artist at the gallery will choose a color, create a piece, and then they will all be displayed together in a rainbow. This shouldn’t be that big a deal. HOWEVER.

The sign-up sheet was all mostly full and the colors that were left were blue-green, yellow, and orange. And I find blues tricky to work with and yellow is HARD and orange sometimes has a temper tantrum and I have never done a piece that is all mostly one color and what if I pick a color and I get to April or whenever and it goes poorly and then I have nothing to show and then I will be a total loser and all the colors will be taken by then so I won’t be able to switch and life as we know it will of course come to complete and utter end.

Over a painting. Right. Because with everything going on in the world my lack of ability to create a “blue-green” painting is totally what is going to take down civilization as we know it. I am pretty sure I get to claim both arrogant and neurotic with that one.

So if this is the kind of crazy that crams in when there is enough space in my brain to blink past the chaos, I suppose I should be grateful that we’ve discovered more mold in the basement and the construction has started again?

Anyway, three paintings later (one attempted in each color) the only one of the three that came out was the “orange” painting. Which, surprisingly, I kind of like. So at least there is that.

Breath of Autumn. Gouache. Brandi Malarkey, artist.
Breath of Autumn

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  1. Oh wow I love the orange painting!!! Considering orange has never been a favorite color of mine. This painting however changes my perspective! Great job!

  2. Brandi, I love your orange painting, Breath of Autumn!! It just has such a warm, cozy glow…so pretty and inviting.

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