Joyful…with elephants.

So this has been a week, hasn’t it? Everyone is struggling to keep up.

During all the upheaval my daughter and I are reading the book “Joyful” by Ingrid Fetell Lee. We are reading it in place of school a chapter at a time, and each of us has to come up with some kind of “project”. The first chapter is “Energy” and how that turned into silly comics with elephants I am not sure. I am sharing them anyway because at least they have bright colors.

Oh! and the teacup print. My little fundraiser was a fabulous idea on Sunday, and a terribly bad one by Tuesday night. Which shows how fast the world is changing. So I am leaving it as is, but no longer compulsively messaging anyone about it as a way to deal with stress. Which I am kind of embarrassed about now. We all deal with stress oddly, and my compulsive bits are definitely showing.

So! Silly little elephants as a way to send good vibes your way.

The last one looks really weird, but in my defense I did all five in one day super fast and was more than a bit fuzzy by the time I got to the last one. Ah, well. No one is pretending these are great art.

Also? if you want to check out Ingrid Fetell Lee’s TED talk, it’s a nice 15 minutes, and helps explain all the Christmas lights people are hanging to bring cheer.


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