Feeling a bit off color

Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com


Everything looks a little blue when looking through the gray haze of exhaustion. It seems we are all more than a bit tired with life right now, and that leaves us all just a bit otherwise.

I am normally a “No Christmas until after Thanksgiving” person, but here it is, the middle of September, and I am considering putting up my tree, because extra brightly-colored Christmas lights are pretty and I feel the extra cheer is justified.

I know I have thought about how color is so often used to describe how we feel before, and that contributed to my silly elephants, but I have been thinking about it more, lately, and there might be a project in there somewhere. I am mulling. I stumbled across this article about color and now thoughts are tucked in the back of my brain until they decide to either materialize into something interesting, or evaporate completely.

In the mean time, I wanted to play with alternate color choices a bit, and in and around the construction, I managed to get these two pieces done.

Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com
Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com

Just a little bit off color. 🙂
Still working in acrylic, as the rest of my supplies are buried. My work space currently looks like this:

Which means that I can’t quite work in it yet, but it is much closer than it has been. It will take longer to sort out than the photo shows, as we have had to re-route construction efforts to the roof. Winter is coming, and we would prefer the roof not collapse in the middle of it!

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  1. I love these two!! The contrast in colors are beautiful!! Did u paint them?? Or was this a graphic peice? Either way they are beautiful!! 😍

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