Winging it

Monarch Butterfly. Polymide Resin on Watercolor. 13.35x9.25 Brandi Malarkey, artist.


Well, m’dears, this past few weeks has been rather a wild ride, hasn’t it? As we all ping-pong back and forth between anxiety, depression, and hyper-functionality while coping with our new normals. Those of us with more privilege than others doing our best to help when and where we can. We are all just winging it in these uncertain times.

The past few weeks on my end have been adjusting to having the family at home, and trying to get the house put back together (from all of our foundation efforts) so that we could all function. I’d like to say that now that this has been accomplished, you may expect daily art wonders, but chances are you won’t. My compulsive bits are out in force, and, like everyone else, weird behaviors indulged in to keep the voices in one’s head at bay. So no promises for the future. We are all just taking things one day at a time.

I have, however, finally accomplished something worth sharing. Wings seemed appropriate for a number of reasons. So we went back to color and resin for a moment to share these three pieces. I hope you enjoy the bit of color in your day.

Ulysses Butterfly
Polymide Resin on Watercolor
Green-banded Urania Moth
Polymide Resin on Watercolor
Monarch Butterfly
Polymide Resin on Watercolor

Today is the last official day of the fundraiser that isn’t. I have had several people tell me I should try it again in a few months. Maybe we will in 2021, on the anniversary. Or maybe we will all have moved on by then. We shall see. In the mean time, I hope everyone is well.

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