Brandi Malarkey, Artist

Food Freedom!

Well, m’dears, I am going to take this moment to completely ignore anything important to share a small bit of personal joy and glee.

My family will be away from my house for four whole days.

In practical terms this means very little regarding my plans or normal routine. However, in terms of selfish glee this means that I do not have to provide food for anyone but myself. For Four. Whole. Days.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem newsworthy to you? If not, I am dreadfully envious. I, however, did not know that when I had a child that food would be one of the biggest frustrations in my life for over a decade. While I am assured by others who have walked this path before that my daughter will eventually eat more than just bread and apples (or if she doesn’t, the joy of raising an adult means I won’t be responsible for her food consumption anymore), in the mean time I have discovered that where my daughter is concerned there is nothing that takes me from calm and reasonable to completely unhinged faster than having a meal I just went through the effort of making sneered at.

This is currently my life:

Brandi Malarkey, Artist

It’s demoralizing.

However, NOT for the next four days. Ha!

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