Alien Execution

Brandi Malarkey, Artist


The summer is drawing to a close! There are many who would disagree with that statement, but as school resumes on Thursday it is close enough for me. I have multiple paintings in various states which are awaiting the school schedule to receive my full attention. I keep forgetting that *I* can get something done OR my daughter can get something done–but it is apparently difficult for both of us to get something done at the same time.

Some of the summer of learning has been in trying to sort out new tools. I have been trying to work on getting better reference photographs for my botanical specimens, since I do not paint fast enough yet to do them from life in their entirety. Currently, this is taking up space in my basement:

I still don’t have it completely figured out, but I am getting closer. However, my newest tool is the Plamp–and it is the coolest thing ever. In case you can’t see it well in the first picture, here is a close-up:

I can use it for photos, but I can also clamp it right to my painting table so that I can see the plant as I paint. It is completely freaking awesome. However, whenever I look at the Plamp it reminds me of the movie Alien with Sigourney Weaver. In particular, the scene where the alien bursts out of the man’s chest.

So, naturally, we took a break from painting to do a little reenactment:

We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, but then my husband had an even better idea:


Everything is better with fire.

Just goes to show, you never know where art will take you.


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