The Drama Collection

Taken near Lake Superior in Grand Marais, MN


So photography and I have been getting to know each other. As with all relationships, it takes time and patience to get to know each other well. At this stage it is more luck than skill that results in images that I like, but that is okay. Last year it was luck on auto settings. This year it is luck on settings I manage myself. Progress! Besides, I love hunting plants and bugs, and the skill will continue to come with time and practice. However, manipulating the images that result in an editing program is almost another language again, so I have previously spent zero time in learning it, other than to crop images.

One of the things June’s insanity provided was an opportunity to learn the –very basics—of editing. So I took a couple of my images to play with and had a lovely time, applying overly dramatic effects with gleeful abandon, just to see the results.

In theory, if I save an image “Saving As” and give it a new name, the original image should be left unchanged.  That does not appear to be the case, however. So I have wandered down the rabbit hole of learning, and now know far more about various image files and how they work than I ever intended to, but not necessarily what I was trying to figure out. And the original three images I was playing with can not be reverted (at least with my current level of knowledge and computer skill).

When summer turns into fall and things calm down a bit, I shall share my photography favorites. My focus right now being to take the images, rather than to go through them. Perhaps I shall institute “Photography Friday” and share a favorite each week—sometimes in winter, especially in February, it is nice to share something sunny. In the meantime, however, I am sharing my first three edited images—since the originals are lost forever.  A bit overly dramatic, but still appealing. I shall be approaching any further attempts at editing with extreme caution.    😉


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  1. Gorgeous! I wonder if doing a “save as” before you start to tinker would help. Then you can tweak the second “original” to your heart’s content, leaving the real original untouched. Before and after side-by-sides would be so much fun to see.

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