Birthday Poppies

Papaver orientale, Asian Poppies, Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11


Moving from Colorado to Nevada is a big change, and one that is definitely reflected in the plants that do and do not grow.

A good friend commissioned a painting of the poppies her mother had to leave behind when she moved, as a birthday gift.

Commissions are always a bit nerve-racking. I can never tell at the beginning of a project how it will look by the time it is completed–and the early stages sometimes don’t leave me with much faith that a picture will turn out at all.



I am not sure if it is blind hope or stubborn persistence which gets me to a completed project, but either way, the poppies which I was quite sure were going to end up an utter failure actually turned out quite well. And most importantly, the recipient likes them, so that is all that matters.

So! Poppies! Enjoy!




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