More learning than doing

Taken at the Longfellow Gardens at Minnehaha Regional Park Minneapolis, MN


Hello, all! I am just back from an incredibly intense weekend of learning from a truly amazing botanical artist, Jean Emmons. If you have not had an opportunity to do so, please check out her work. She is a stunning artist, and a patient teacher.

After three days of instruction, what I have to display doesn’t seem like much:


However, I woke up the morning after the seminar with color theory and paintings in my head, so I clearly have a lot to process!

While I would love to now launch into a frenzy of painting, instead I am turning around and prepping for another seminar! June is full of learning experiences.

On all my breaks this weekend I hunted bees and bumble bees in the Longfellow Garden in Minneapolis. While sorting through most of them will come later, on a quick glance through them, this one caught my eye and made me smile. Enjoy!


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