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Why Clothes Shopping is Evil

It is funny how some thoughts come together at the same time. Especially on the internet.

Thursday I came across this article on the “Misfits” exhibition about the fit of women’s clothing.

Then Friday morning a friend of mine, who subscribes to Poem a day, shared this poem on Facebook:


The Phantoms for Which Clothes Are Designed

Sewing patterns are designed for imaginary

people, based on average measurements

taken in the 1930s by the WPA

and adjusted over the decades by the Industry.

I sew a Misses 14, designed for a woman

5’5” to 5’6”, 36/28/38,

which is to say no one, so I alter the pattern to fit a phantom of me

instead of a phantom of her.

She doesn’t need any more dresses.

By Chase Twichell, 1950


Which brought to mind a crystal clear memory of a camping trip where it somehow came about that all of the women present were wearing the same size jeans, and none of us were capable of sharing clothing.

So I did this.


In other news, my current painting is coming along. There should be more flowers to share, soon.

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