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Mother’s Day approaches and I am so lucky that I have many a person in my life to help “mother” my daughter. She’s pretty fabulous, and part of why is all the amazing and diverse experiences she receives from all of those people.

But this isn’t about that.

This is about The Uterus of Finding.

Individuals may vary, but in my house I am the one expected to know where everything is, and if I don’t know, find it when everyone else’s attempts have failed. Since this trend increased significantly when I had my daughter–and the idea that women are the ones supposed to keep track of everything is ridiculously stereotypical–my husband and I decided to declare that the pregnancy hormones must have activated my uterus into a locating device of amazing ability. In my house one rarely hears the phrase “Where is the…”. Instead, occasional yells of “I need your uterus” are fairly common.

Since all super heroes should be properly celebrated, for this Mother’s Day, I offer you the Uterus of Finding.


I decided I needed to have a coffee cup to remind myself that at least part of me is a super hero when I have my morning tea. If you’d like one, you can order one, too.  😉


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