It never fails.  


There is a gloriously delicious feeling when you wake up in the morning, struck by inspiration, and have an opportunity to follow it right away before the shininess wears off. It is also rare (for me) to wake up with a clear idea of a new project.

Recently (ish) however I did! I spent a busy morning prepping a new painting like a maniac, and while the weekend that immediately followed had many other things in it, I was still able to work on it a bit and the shiny had not yet worn off.

You’d think I would know better.

Honestly, anytime time I foolishly think “oh my gosh, I might have time to do something I want to do without loosing sleep to sneak it in between the cracks!” everyone’s life (including mine) explodes. If I didn’t know for absolute certain that the world does not actually revolve around me, I would warn you all to keep your distance for fear of contamination.

It started with a flooded crawl space resulting in a great deal of mold and lost possessions and did not improve from there. We are going to gloss over all the varied life events that have simultaneously hit over the past few weeks to keep from boring you and traumatizing myself further, and just leave it at “my new painting is not yet at a sharable stage”.

So instead, I offer you these additions to my Sending Love card line that I have been puttering along on to hold you over until either things calm down enough to work on it or I hit a patch of insomnia that I am capable of putting to good use. All my cards are available on Redbubble for those who don’t want to pick up the hand assembled ones available locally.

This one was made specifically for my mom for Mother’s Day. Which is a good thing I did something special there, since I then immediately forgot her birthday. La la la.

The rest were just fun ideas to play with.

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