I’m going to my room.


A statement that sounds like it should be accompanied by stomping feet and slamming doors, doesn’t it? I keep going around on what to call my new space. “Space” sounds silly, it isn’t really an office, and I know I am only here for a short time, so most of my stuff isn’t in it, so it isn’t really a studio. So it’s “my room”, and “I am going to my room” is now my new favorite phrase, but I do giggle when I say it.

Thus far I have only been in it for odd chunks of time. Today is really the first day I have had several uninterrupted hours in a row here (so, naturally, I forgot my lunch), and I won’t get another one for over a week, as next week is full of appointments and other people. But I have very little scheduled the following week and I am going to defend that week to the death! Or at least growl alarmingly at anyone who tries to schedule anything in it. The goal really is to set up regular office hours.

In the meantime, I have been getting sorted out and organized. Apparently a few pockets of my life were more mixed-up than I knew. I have been coming across odd comic bits–apparently I felt the need to immortalize my bathroom at some point:

And poorly done poetry from more than 20 years ago (seriously, where did it even come from? How on EARTH did it end up in my current papers?):

Old love letters kept in a box
hidden from view
From prying eyes that would laugh
at their simple language.
Though the words were hesitant and clumsy
she didn’t laugh
But held them close to her heart
to keep them safe.

I don’t really understand poetry, but every once in a while I make a stab at writing it. Usually after listening to Tori Amos. She’s a bad influence.

And I am looking at half-finished paintings trying to decide if I should do one for practice, or dive straight into my poppy before I chicken out. Hmm. Which is the more effective stalling technique?

In the meantime, I am still self-medicating with books. Apparently, despite the fact that I have never actually read the original Sherlock Holmes stories, I am very fond of retellings and re-imaginings, since I have read about 13 different ones since the beginning of the year. While a few were mediocre, several were very well done in a variety of ways. However, if you have managed to read this far, I am going to recommend my favorite. A Study in Scarlet Women: The Lady Sherlock book #1. There are five in the series, the sixth comes out soon, and they are FABULOUS. Featuring a great cast of characters, “Sherlock” is not neuro-typical, and still very relatable, they cover a number of very important and relevant themes, and still somehow manage to be fun and cheerful reads. If you are looking for a new read, I highly recommend them. The reader for the audio books is also excellent.

Until next time!

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