A belated invitation.


Oh my goodness, y’all, I have been talking about getting ready for my show for so long, that I don’t know that I ever officially invited you all to come!

Last night was the opening reception for my show “Celebrating Nature”. It is up for the entire month of February, so if you are going through Bismarck before the end of the month, please stop by.

For the first time I was also able to meet Bill Brien, the other artist being featured at (BAGA) Bismarck Art & Galleries Association this month.

Despite very different journeys, the two of us have made a few of the same choices for similar reasons the past few years, and a love of nature flows through both of our work. Stepping into the gallery where his work is hung is like stepping out of a grey fog into a room filled with joy. It is highly recommended.  If you can’t make it in person, check out his website.


So! Showing in February at (BAGA) Bismarck Art & Galleries Association

422 East Front Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58504

Phone: (701) 223-5986

Tuesday – Friday 10AM – 5PM

Saturday – 1-3PM

Closed  Sunday & Monday

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