So I am simply dreadful at keeping my screw-ups and mistakes to myself. I don’t generally try to keep my own secrets, and this mistake is proof of what happens when you try to rush.

As you know I recently completed the last of my 2019 calligraphy pieces for my Celebrating Nature show starting February 4th and ending February 29th at the Bismark Art & Galleries Association. (FYI, the opening reception will be held on Friday, February 7th, from 5pm-7pm. You are all invited.) I was quite pleased that I got them all done in time, even if it was at the last possible minute. Between Christmas commissions and getting the pieces done for the show I wasn’t exactly my most pleasant self for the month of December. I was about to settle in to do end of the year inventory and various paperwork and maybe start the year on a much calmer note when I discovered that my “Single Flower” piece was probably incorrect in its attribution of quote:

A Single Flower. Calligraphy & Gouache 4x6 Brandi Malarkey, artist. Itsallmalarkey.com

Apparently Buddha didn’t say this.

Now, it wasn’t that I thought this was a direct quotation–translations are what we get, and those may vary. However, I came across this article (which is interesting, and you should totally read) which made a compelling case against this being an accurate translation.

Enough of a compelling case that even though I could reasonably leave it–I couldn’t do it. COULDN’T. So, I redid it.

I had fortunately kept all of my sketches, so it was much easier to do the second time around, but! I let a lot of mistakes go, because even though I know where each and every flaw is in every piece I do, things can never be perfect, and you need to let them go if you want to get anywhere. However, I apparently learned where my line is on these, and I simply couldn’t let this one stand.


I redid it.

Then? I discovered that somehow I had added an “s” to the end of “Jorge”.

But I am NOT redoing it AGAIN.

Who is entertained?

Single Flower. Calligraphy & Gouache 4×6 Brandi Malarkey, artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com

Single Flower
Calligraphy & Gouache

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