Resonate. Gouache on paper. 16Γ—16 Brandi Malarkey, Artist.

Once more into the fray.

As promised, I am back from my short sabbatical.

You know a phrase that absolutely drives two-dimensional artists up the wall? “I would love it, but I just don’t have wall space.” I, however, am guilty of saying this all the time, because I really do not have any extra wall space!

Since I lost my brand-new studio, I spent a large chunk of last month moving and organizing and re-arranging things. Rather than try to find a new outside location, I have been trying to fit myself  into one of the rooms of my house. Notice there isn’t a lot of available wall space left! I haven’t quite used every available inch, but I am getting close.


It’s been a time consuming process that would have put me behind on my nearly all of my deadlines on its own, but added to holiday crazies, some random illness, and a rather embarrassing episode where I mixed up allergy pills with sleeping pills, it has made the past month just flat stupid.

Things will continue to be a bit disrupted for the next month or so. I am finally getting the framing issue handled, which means I have this week received multiple deliveries which require additional rearranging to fit in. Though one of those deliveries is a brand-new saw, so once it is put together, operational, and adjusted I will get to feel powerful and stressed, instead of just stressed. πŸ™‚

In and around the disruptions and frustrations, I have actually been painting quite a bit. However, all of it has been for a large commission that I am not allowed to share with the public until July. Not finished, yet, but a much larger step toward “done”. Stop back in July when I shall be proudly showing them all off in the adult equivalent of “lookie, lookie”.

Things will continue to be a bit hit or miss for the next little bit, until I get a few more pieces of the puzzle to snap into place, and then we will get back to the fun stuff. I have a lot of ideas that I am quite impatient to share.

My brain hit a very hard wall with my large project, however, so I took a break to paint something just because I wanted to. Normally when I see things I paint I see every flaw–and this one is chock full of flaws. However, for some reason on this one I can look past it. It feels strangely calming for me, and I don’t think that is only because I finally took a break to paint something completely different than I have for the past few weeks.  This isn’t the best image in the world (less bright) as scanning larger pieces is a problem I have yet to find a solution for. Once the framing issue is functionally solved, good quality images of larger works will be the next item on the to-do list. Since I can see it in person, however, for some reason it makes me oddly happy.

I would probably attempt to keep it to myself…but as we have already established, I have no wall space. My husband would prefer that I not start mounting things to the ceiling.

Resonate. Gouache on paper. 16Γ—16 Brandi Malarkey, Artist.

Gouache on paper



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