Of detours and dead things

Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com


So in typical fashion I have boldly told everyone to brace themselves for lots of posts and lots of paintings, and then I got distracted. Instead of painting pictures, I have been painting walls. I have rented a new studio space! Naturally it took significant time and energy to get it all sorted out the way I wanted, but isn’t it just too pretty?



I am terribly excited. I’ll only be able to actually use it sporadically until school starts, but come the fall I shall no longer be working from home. The theory is that this will cut down on future distractions. We will see how that actually goes. 😉

In the meantime, I have been working on a painting, just not multiple ones as I had hoped. I am not sure if I am finished yet–I am going to put it away and take it out later and see if I think I am or not–and I am not sure what I am going to title it, so suggestions are welcome. However, I have a logistics problem, since with larger paintings I don’t have a good way to get a decent scan. So. Thinking. In the mean time, here is a photo I took with my phone, so you have some idea (and I can prove I haven’t been a complete slacker).

Brandi Malarkey, Artist.  ItsAllMalarkey.com
Gouache on paper
14 x 20

I did it in a similar fashion to Pisces because I really loved how that came out. If I can do enough of them, perhaps I could have an entire series. Although that is rather dependent on my finding the appropriate dead things to work with in the first place, which is rather a tricksy endeavor. So if anyone comes across any random skeletal things along the course of their daily lives, please let me know. 😉


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  1. Skeletal thoughts and/or titles: Beauty in Passing; Life after Life; Remains…a Mystery; Mystery Remains; Gone but not Forgotten; Still a Thing of Beauty
    These are just a few of my title thoughts on your skull and antler painting which is awesome. Use, rearrange or discard as you see fit.
    Also love the way you have done your new studio. So proud of you!!

  2. There were some bones being sold in the auction of the artist Orlando Rourke. It was in the paper on Saturday.

    1. And there is a dead rabbit under the tree by the greenhouse. I am watching it’s decomposition with interest. 😉

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