Pisces. Gouache on paper. 14x18. Brandi Malarkey, ItsAllMalarkey.com

A Fish Called Wanda

Given my interests of late, it should come to no surprise to anyone that my current crush is a gardening entomologist in possession of a sneaky sense of humor and a collection of dead things–both of which he is willing to share. A small selection of those dead things ride around with him in his car (which sounds really funny when typed out!). Among them, Wanda.

This, m’dears, is Wanda.

Isn’t she glorious?

Wanda is yet another lesson in how many things one can be oblivious to if they don’t concern a person directly. Despite eating fish, and knowing one must be aware of the occasional bone, despite a father-in-law who is an avid fisherman who regularly provides for us, despite having a friend who was recently excavating a dead fish fossil, it had still never once occurred to me until I met Wanda that goldfish have skeletons!

Not once.

Although, in my defense, most dead goldfish are referenced with toilet related funerals, so I feel I was somewhat mislead by society. *cough*

However absurd, this revelation was very exciting for me, and many photos were taken from many different angles, and after several mutterings I finally produced this:

Pisces. Gouache on paper. 14x18. Brandi Malarkey, ItsAllMalarkey.com

Gouache on paper
14 x 18

You might see Wanda again in the future, but for now I am fairly content.


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