Failure, westerns, and a new computer


Well, m’dears, sometimes success only comes after doing things the wrong way. I had a totally BRILLIANT idea–which came out very badly. So then I redid it, and it came out very badly again, but in a completely new way. Now I sit with the idea niggling about in my brain *determined* to come out–but after many days of “learning time” it is time to take a break and let it mull. Maybe if I come back to it after giving it time to percolate the third time will be a charm. I am not sharing now, because when it *does* come out I shall probably share the failures with the success all together. I suspect the difference between my success and what I have just done will be somewhat boggling.

While taking a Facebook reprieve I then came across these amazing works inspired by classic Western movies. Which made me want to go watch one. The only one I own, however, is a musical (which tells you something about my viewing preferences) and they are a whole different kind of old movie.

Things I learned from watching my old movie western musical…

  • Everyone in the old west was trained in opera. Who knew?
  • Extremely large barrels for bubble baths were common for both men and women in dinky little towns.
  • Full make-up and white dresses were worn (and kept clean) on wagon trails.
  • One scream from a previously sleeping female alone in the wilderness (in full make-up with artfully arrayed quilt) can send an entire tribe of people running in terror. Personally, I think that much blush would frighten anyone.
  • Who needs to know how to use a gun? When about to be creamed by any miscellaneous bad guy, start singing. The opera trained townsfolk will start in with swaying, if not full dancing, allowing you to get away in the confusion.
  • An easy way to tell a bad guy from a good guy? The bad guys all apparently missed music in school. They scowl through all the numbers. One assumes this is from both their inability to concentrate while everyone else is singing, and a long time angst that they were forced into evil by their lack of singing voice.
  • The remarkably stupid female always catches the easily duped male. I think this is because the male can’t get away from the overwhelming amount of skirt in any given dress the lead female may be wearing. The lead female is, in fact, distinguished by her skirts, as they are three times the width of anyone else in the film.
  • If you are lucky enough to be viewing one from immediately after they started using color, and hadn’t gotten it quite figured out yet, neon will add just the right touch to what was already quite the spectacle.

I love old movies. Many of them are remarkably silly.

My new computer has finally arrived! So the next week or so will be spent learning to navigate it and resuming work with my digital drawing. So next time I post I should be sharing a new comic or two!

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