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So I have no doubt that my blog subscribers noticed the flood of emails into your inboxes two weeks ago. The kindest of you thought that I had an unprecedented fit of productivity, which I greatly appreciate. But, no. I considered sending an apology, but that would have just been more spam, so I didn’t. Instead I waited and watched my website with a wary eye, waiting to see what it would do.

WordPress is a lovely software that is fairly intuitive and easy to use, but has a quirk or three. One of which is that it has opinions about its websites and occasionally sticks its metaphorical nose in without invitation. Edit a small paragraph of words, and have all your links quit working. Change a logo, and have the entire color scheme of the website alter. Things that shouldn’t theoretically have anything whatever to do with each other. Then you have to dig around and learn more about the website than you ever wanted so you can change it back.


I asked Andrea with Giraffic Media (check her out, she does amazing work!) to make a few updates for me, which she did. My home page is updated, I have a new communications page for articles and for those who asked, I have a page where I will rotate images of pieces that are currently available for purchase. All went well and there were no issues. And don’t we think the site has a much lighter and cleaner look? Wander around and let me know what you think (and if you see any other weirdnesses. Wary is our new watchword).

All we did to the blog was change the background color from black to white and the words from white to black, to make it easier to read. And it decided that the first 20 or so blog posts from the beginning of this blog five years ago should be duplicated, and listed as written that day, and therefore sent out to all of you.

I really should send all of you who didn’t unsubscribe at that point a prize or something.

So I am writing this blog today, because we think is should be safe to do so without burying you in my rambles, but there is no guarantee. I will hit “schedule” with extreme trepidation.

In other news, my very first radio production piece aired yesterday. I had been hoping to send an email out before hand essentially saying “lookie, lookie”, but there was a last minute schedule change and they ended up airing it yesterday with about two hours notice. So instead, I will share the link and say “Lookie, lookie” now, which is totally the wrong thing to say since you can’t see a thing and can only listen, but “hear, hear” has different connotations, so that doesn’t work. It’s an interview with the hiphop band, Hiahli, who are super fun and pretty awesome. I love how much fun they have with their music videos. So head over to Prairie Public and give it a listen. It starts roughly at minute 32.

Here is the band’s first music video. I get a total kick out of the Cheerios. it is SO something I would do.

And I do actually have two paintings to show, both simple as I continue to use up random art supplies around the house. Also, I was temporarily blocked from getting to things by construction. Again. In February. Not my husband’s normal time. Was the chart I made him not clear enough? Sigh. Expect adventures ahead.

Which resulted in black and white paintings. Which I never do. I was playing with the idea of a woodcut, and this came out way better than I was thinking:

So I got excited and did a second one, and it came out even better.

But I am not sure it will show up well in this post, because the preview shows the images all washed out. And we don’t trust it. Because WordPress is wacky.

Stay tuned….

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  1. My favorite part is when the Cheerios finally opens and explodes all over the place! That is what happens every time you try to pull it apart…so now I use a scissors…most of the time!

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