Setting aside.

The poppy isn’t doomed, but it has been regulated to an as yet named future date.  Apparently, even if I clear my list of ANYTHING else to work on, have it sitting in isolated splendor in my work space with no distractions, it is still not the right time. It isn’t even scaring me anymore. It just isn’t time. My mind is on communications related things, and the buzzing in my head is too loud for botanical paintings, which require a great deal of concentration. Therefore, botanicals are going to have to wait a bit longer.
I did make sure to do a decent digital copy of the original drawing, just in case something happened to the original. Since moving is still up in the air, it never hurts to take precautions.

It was a good time to make this decision, however, as my time in the work space has come to a close. They now have a plan for that space, my key has been turned in, and I am now attempting a time-share situation with my daughter and her playroom. Even odds as to if it works out or we eat each other. So I am going to go back to digital doodles and “simple” paintings, as I am less likely to get murderous if something inadvertently happens to them while my daughter is hanging upside down from her aerial silks.

Here is a tiny doodle just because, and I will see everyone in the new year, hopefully with a working system, new art, and a few firm decisions.

Happy holidays!



Brandi Malarkey, Artist

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