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There has been so much interest in the Patchwork Memories Collection, that I have spent the past two days looking into printing options for them.

I completed a test set of cards, and mailed the prototypes to those who inspired them:

As the test run was acceptable, I am now putting together an order on a full run of cards. All my cards are 5″x7″ with images of 4″x6″, and are $4 each. Or $30 for a full set.

For those who were interested in prints, it is a little more complicated, but doable. I am waiting on the arrival of a test print to see if it is worth moving forward (I refuse to print them if the quality is sub-par). However, creating prints isn’t a simple process. To that end, I will only be creating prints if there is enough initial interest to justify the expense. Therefore I am now accepting reservations. Each print (if created) will be 5″x 7″ (actual size), printed on high-quality acid-free paper, and will be $20 each. For a full set of all 8 images, it will be a total of $150. So! if you are interested in a print from this collection (or the full set) send me a message and reserve yours now. I will let everyone know as the test print arrives if the initiative will move forward or no.

In other news, the quiet from my direction may look like I am not doing anything. Which isn’t precisely true, but neither have I had enough for a full blog post. Unfortunately, the busiest time to be out collecting samples for nature creative endeavors for the rest of the year is also construction season. As we are still working on the foundation construction that means a good deal of the time there is dirt under my fingernails, which is contraindicated for painting. Then the air conditioner died, which then had to be removed, then the wall repaired, then painted…you know how projects go…which is –of course–my main work area. Productivity has been at a low ebb.

However, my daughter got new pets, and I did play with glass to make glass representatives for her birthday, and a few extra sets of earrings for sale at Gallery 4:

And I have been working on my large botanical, which is really beyond my skill level, so it is SLOW going. But here are a few in “process photos”:

It would probably go faster, but I *REALLY* want it to turn out, so I sometimes seize up with anxiety and stare at it instead of painting. Oops?

I hope everyone’s summer is going well….and that you will hear from me “soon”, with more to share….

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    1. Cards or prints? Either way, tell me how many sets. If prints, I will add you to my list, and keep you posted as things progress. No payment until we actually go ahead with ordering.

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