A holiday collision


Well, m’dears, the holidays approach with a vengeance, and I am not prepared. I vaguely had a “I will have to work on some holiday things in November” feeling, but apparently one really needs to start earlier than that since it is the first week of November and the Holiday Showcase at Gallery 4 started today. Which means my idea of when I should be doing things and when things actually need to be done for the holidays collided. Fortunately, I am pretty sure my sanity was the only casualty and that was already on fairly shaky ground. Oops? This has been quite the year of learning.

Since I was obviously caught unawares, I have spent the past two weeks frantically trying to fit in some glass work to get ready for the event. Since I am very new to glass, things got off to a rocky start. However, that is what practice is for.

My first snowperson:

Rather more of the melty-spring variety. However, with a little practice one does improve:

Of course, this little deranged snowperson “failure” is my favorite….and sold immediately.

During the process I may have managed to burn my tongue on hot glass and singe my hair a bit, but! We have managed to provide some holiday glass work for the Holiday Showcase that started today. Feel free to stop by Gallery 4 and see them in person.


Also, I updated my Redbubble site for those of you who wanted to order a few things as gifts.

One step closer to getting somewhere. The February show is approaching fast, and we still have lots to do. So stay tuned! More art cometh!

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