Now would be an excellent time to get arrested.


Well, m’dears, the truth has become obvious. My arrogance knows no bounds.

As you know, I joined the local artist-owned cooperative Gallery 4 at the beginning of March. Since I’d had no clue I was doing so as of February 15th, needless to say there was–and there continues to be–a lot of scrambling on my end to keep up with previous projects and add this in–with all the framing and prepping and sorting that comes with getting set up for a gallery.

Gallery 4 has a gift shop, and while my paintings do tend to be on the smaller end of the spectrum, I don’t have a lot of small things that are of interest, painting-wise. So I decided to take up lampwork bead making. The fact that I haven’t touched glass in nearly 15 years and really don’t have time to add in a completely “new” art having no bearing on this decision whatever.

At first, I did try to be sensible. I spent two days in Minot with a friend who also does lampwork, getting a refresher course, and making sure that my decision wasn’t completely out of realm (i.e. Trying to convince myself this was a bad idea).

However, it is SO satisfying to melt things! Which means that despite burning all my finger pads–Don’t touch hot glass out of the torch, Stupid!–I came home and spent the past several weeks setting about restocking my glass endeavors from long ago.  I do feel like I should be morally obligated to do something criminal now, while I don’t have any fingerprints to leave behind. However, with all the set up and sorting and figuring and keeping up, I truly don’t have any time left over to be nefarious. Opportunity lost. It’s sad.

This was my first set of beads in 15 years:

The giant frog isn’t mine. He is watching over his relatives like a benign god.

So as usual I have been frantically going in too many directions at once. Which is why you don’t hear from me regularly–I am forever getting myself into a pile of things to do that require digging out from under.  Oops?

It took considerable effort on my part, and that of friends and relatives (much thanks to Asny for taking two days out of her life to give me a refresher course, Andrea of Giraffic Media for creative package solutions, and Jonah, for last minute crisis management), but I now have a display of things that I am actually pretty proud of. However, while I am admittedly more than a bit rusty, I have gone from zero to this in less than a month. So take that, common sense!

These are terrible pictures, but I’ll get better ones later. Now that we are sure we like how everything looks, it is time to call the copyright office and register them! So exciting to be able to put these out for sale.

Post script: Special shout outs to my husband this month. Since most of the time I am sharing things he would rather I didn’t (Can I help it if he is hilarious?), it is only fair to point out that this amazing feat would not have been possible without him. He has researched, and hauled, and set things up, and been patient that I have apparently gone on strike regarding any and all domestic chores. In case anyone is wondering what a supportive husband looks like, this is it. He does NOT understand, in any way, shape, or form, why anyone, anywhere, at anytime, would buy a painting and put it on a wall. Mystifying. (Completely bare walls before me, y’all). However, despite his complete non-comprehension, he has spent considerable time and energy helping me be an artist. This is just one more example in the chain. Best husband ever, y’all.

Update: My small display dishes came! I can move my beads out of the butter dishes.  😉


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  1. Another successful and beautiful adventure, Brandi. Congratulations on Gallery 4 Grand Re-opening and your part in that! Have a great, enjoyable and successful day! (And many more.)

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