Eurypterid. "Sea Scorpion". Gouache on paper. 12.5x18 Brandi Malarkey, artist.

A little fossil fantasy

So remember when I invaded the university and took reams of photos of fossils? I still haven’t done much with most of the photos, but in and among the framing adventures I have been working on the mixed media pieces I played with and I think they look quite adorable when all framed up.

So then I got all excited and decided I should play with some more fossils (also known as avoiding everything I am supposed to be doing) and sorted through and found this:

It is a  fossil of a Eurypterid, also known as a Sea Scorpion, even though most of them were fresh water. I fell in love with its face, so  I started looking at images of fresh water crabs on the internet, and then I ended up doing this:

Eurypterid. "Sea Scorpion". Gouache on paper. 12.5x18 Brandi Malarkey, artist.

“Sea Scorpion”
Gouache on paper

I am sure there are much better interpretations of what they actually looked like, and certainly more well researched ones, but it was fun to do. It’s so amazing to imagine something over 400 million years old. I have a bunch more I would like to re-imagine, but they have to wait a tiny bit.

Things are snapping into place pretty busily at the moment, and that means I am not going to post again until March. All the prep work is finally coming to a point, and I am going to have some pretty exciting news to share.

See you on the other side of February!



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