Brandi Malarkey, artist. Solanum lycopersicum Tomato Watercolor 10x10.75

Just Another Tomato

The election has eaten up my life. I have a million things in various states of not finished. The election is next week, and then there will be lots of intense art-ing over the summer. Which means I will be highly distracted, so if you want to sneak away from this blog without me noticing, now is the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did, by virtue of a severely sprained ankle, manage to hold still long enough to complete my tomato, which I admit came out better than I expected. I was trying several new things out which shouldn’t work together, but apparently do. Paint and learn, yes?

Brandi Malarkey, artist. Solanum lycopersicum Tomato Watercolor 10x10.75

Solanum lycopersicum

The very tip of the leaf got cut off in scanning. Oops.

It has nothing to do with anything, but each time I look at this I hear Virginia Mayo, from the movie A Song Is Born (which is a remake of Ball of Fire), climbing the stairs and saying “And I want you to look at me, Professor Frisbee, as another tomato. Just another tomato.”

No relation whatever to this painting, but I love the movie. It has little whatever in the way of plot, but lots of lovely music including the Golden Gate Quartet, which are fabulous.

I couldn’t find a clip of that part on Youtube, so instead you can have this one of Virginia Mayo singing. ‘Cause that is okay, too.



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