Crab apples (Malus sylvestris), watercolor, 4.5x4.5, Brandi Malarkey, artist.

A Little Crabby

So if you followed my Facebook adventures, you may have noticed that I had a small issue with masking fluid on a watercolor painting I was doing of an apple way back in September.

Notice anything different?

Being new to watercolor I had NO IDEA that there was both a permanent and a removable masking fluid. Naturally, I learned the hard way, and the apple painting was ruined. Being an emotionally stable and understanding adult, it is not possible for me to either confirm or deny that there may or may not have been a slightly epic temper tantrum worthy of a 2 year old. However, anyone who looks at this website can see that I haven’t posted any botanical art since, so I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

To ease myself back in during the new year, I decided to start with something small. A friend of mine was generous enough to give me specimens from her crab apple tree. This small sample is to prove I have gotten back on track. Now it is time to re-tackle the apple painting, hopefully this time with better results. Wish me luck!

Crab apples (Malus sylvestris), watercolor, 4.5x4.5, Brandi Malarkey, artist.

Malus sylvestris
Dolgo crab apples




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