Shattered: Experiments in Ink

Different color inks all have different personalities- the colors don’t all work the same. Some are more “spreadable” than others, and those tend to be the ones I fall in love with and use most often (interestingly, Winsor & Newton Indigo Watercolor paint and red Crayola washable marker have very similar spreading qualities. In case you ever need to know that.) Which means that the color choices on any given (non-botanical) piece may be more about how it was to work with than how it will look in a finished project.

Occasionally, however, I forget how some of the various materials work, and have to remind myself. So sometimes, when I want to watch movies, but pretend I am working (“Look! I did art ALL DAY”) I will do color studies to see how things flow. They aren’t necessarily meant to be well thought out art pieces. A friend of mine dropped some glass about two years ago, and the pattern made by the shatters was interesting enough that she took and shared its picture. For some reason, I’ve had that pattern stuck in my brain, and I used it for the latest round of color studies. Because I think it is so fascinating to see how the same thing can be interpreted in multiple ways, even when you aren’t intentionally aiming for a particular goal, I am sharing the results. Also, because sometimes things are just interesting to look at.

Brandi Malarkey, Artist. Brandi Malarkey, Artist. Brandi Malarkey, Artist.

This post is sponsored by my inability to remember that more is not always better and that you will ruin days of work if you get over-happy with application. Wonder what that looks like?







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