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Painted Lady. Gouache on paper. 11x15. Brandi Malarkey, artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com

Painted Lady

Entomologists and farmers are currently my two favorite kinds of people. They both give me such interesting presents! Last year was a good one for

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Image taken at the ABC Gardens at Yunker Farm in Fargo, North Dakota. Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com


I have finally accepted that while I do flower photography (and I have some nice ones to share later), I really do mostly photograph bugs. They

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Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com

Luck Be a Lady

Getting photos of any particular bug, much less good photos, is always a matter of some luck, no matter what skill you have, because you

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Bloody Irony by Brandi Malarkey, Artist. ItsAllMalarkey.com

Bloody Irony

‘Tis the season of tricks, treats, thrills, and chills. As many gear up with spooky decorations, heavy on the gore and fake blood, I admit that

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