An explosion of canvas.


It wasn’t my fault – there was a sale.

Granted, there is almost always a sale, but that’s really not relevant.

I blame Mary Dillon and Greece. She reminded me that I like to paint and then I’ve had a million ideas. And somehow I got excited about square canvases again, and bought 15 – all 20″x20″. Rather than being logical or focused or coherent or anything that seems like it makes sense, I have been hopping back and forth like a deranged rabbit between canvases, mostly only getting first layers on before getting excited about something else and starting on that. Apparently November is the month of enthusiasm and ideas without any focus on production whatever. At this particular moment, I have five square canvases prepped, the previously started large canvas I haven’t gotten back to yet, and four different botanical pieces in initial stages. If I get any of them done it will look like I am actually an artist.

Since I have nothing concrete to show for myself yet, I hereby offer a consolation prize of the last three designs for the Sending Love card collection, that I realized I shared on social media but never here. Because “scattered” is the name of the game. But with enthusiasm, so hopefully good things are coming shortly. 😉

Made in collaboration with Giraffic Media‘s Andrea Engebretson.
I’m totally using this as my Christmas card this year.
Yay, color!

P.S. My apologies to anyone who received a weird, blank blog post notification earlier. Every time I make website updates it gets a mind of it’s own and does something really weird. I can’t explain it.

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  1. Love your Christmas Card!! Also am impressed that you have prepped 5 canvas squares…only 15 more to go!!

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