Patchwork memories. "Elizabeth". Gouache on paper. Brandi Malarkey, artist.

Shared magic?

Is it theft to steal someone else’s memories for a project? How about if they give you permission?

My Patchwork collection is making me oddly happy right now, so I am trying to add to it. It is a relief from my main project, which I estimate is going to take 12 million years, assuming I manage to not ruin it before completion. I had gotten as far as to complete this one:


When a dear friend shared an image of her blooming daffodils (given to her by her children) on her social media:

I had been seeking out daffodils for another project, but this totaly caught my attention and became this:


Maybe it isn’t stealing. Maybe good memories spread and blend, and amplify your own, like magic.


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