Bloody Irony by Brandi Malarkey, Artist.

Bloody Irony

‘Tis the season of tricks, treats, thrills, and chills. As many gear up with spooky decorations, heavy on the gore and fake blood, I admit that the contrast of attitudes is boggling. My social media is full of graphic images which seem to disturb few, because it is “normal” for this time of year…yet it is not unusual for truly everyday things like breast feeding or menstrual blood (like the series by Rupi Kaur) to be removed from social media as inappropriate.

Therefore, “Bloody Irony“.


Bloody Irony by Brandi Malarkey, Artist.


Oh! COMPLETELY unrelated. I got to see my first praying mantis in real life while in Michigan this week! The pictures aren’t great, but isn’t she beautiful??



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