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So tomorrow is Deer opener in North Dakota. Last weekend I had to go out of town, and I was…

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According to her allergist, the outdoors is trying to kill her. So, naturally, Brandi Malarkey is primarily a nature artist. An abysmal gardener, she tries to console herself by painting plants instead of growing them. She uses images to help her better understand the things around her. Whether that is trying to process an emotion, identify irony or humor in a situation, or simply highlight something she finds unbelievably beautiful, it is a way of getting to know and falling in love with the world.
"There doesn't seem to be no need for no one to be contrary when there's flowers an' suchlike, an' such lots o' friendly wild things runnin' about makin' homes for themselves, or buildin' nests an' singin' an' whistlin', does there?" --Dicken, "The Secret Garden"